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Yacht Specs

2015 Dufour

50 0 / 15.2 m
16 0 / 4.9 m
6 11 / 2.1 m
7.5 knots
Engines & Generators
VOLVO D2 HP 75 • Consumes 3 gal / 12 l / hour
ARUBA 300 • 25 • 6 people


Photo of ROBERTO
Roberto Bracco - Italian
Speak: English, French, Spanish and Italian.
Raised in Ligurian Coast of Italy, I have had a passion for the sea from a young age. This has led to me developing a great deal of knowledge and experience with a vast of sea activities and water sports including: kayaking, snorkelling, scuba diving, water skiing, fishing and sailing.
As a highly motivated Captain with commercial diving experience and cooking passion i love to sail with my guests offering a great experience like Five Star “All inclusive” charter in San Blas and Caribbean.
I am a hard working, reliable and confident person, I grew up in the family hotel in Italy and after attending Maggia International Hotel’s School in Stresa, I have clearly understood the concept of hospitality in all its aspects: reception, kitchen, service, cleaning.
I speak 4 languages: Italian, French, Spanish and English.
My training and work experience has provided me with a wide range of skills including customer care, .
boat maintenance and the management of people.
I have great respect for other people’s views and opinions and willing to adapt to make people feel at ease. I take great pride in my work and strive to achieve the highest standards at all times.
*. Yacht and Pleasure Boat Captain 200 gt
*. Italian Yacht Limited Radio-telephonist Certification
*. Italian License for unlimited navigation from the coast for sailing and motor boats up to 24 m. *. PSSDeepDiver
*. Proficiency Personal Survival Techniques (Imo 1.19)
*. Fire Prevention and Basic Fire Fighting (Imo 1.20) * Elementary First Aid (Imo 1.13)
*. Personal Safety and Social Responsibilites (Imo 1.21) *. I.I.S. “E.Maggia” Hotel Manager Certificate
- 1985-1990 100 ft Motorsailer “Rob” Captain
After equipping the “Rob” with appropriate electronic instrumentation, air compressors, hyperbaric chamber, oxygen and helium cylinders, we began the research and harvesting of red coral in international waters out of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Greece.
- 1995-1999 Privilege 48 “Cocoloco Captain
The catamaran Cocoloco has worked in charters in the Caribbean and the islands of the northern coast of Venezuela as Testigos, Blanquilla, Les Aves, Los Roques, etc.
During the summer season she worked in the Mediterranean Sea mainly in the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia offering a hotel-type service
2000 - 2008 Lagoon 570 “Dragoon” Captain
During the summer season “Dragoon” worked in the Mediterranean Sea mainly in the Balearic Islands, Corsica and Sardinia offering a hotel-type service. The places where he worked most frequently were Corsica West Coast, Sardinia, the islands of Capri, Ischia, Ponza and the Aeolian Islands in Sicily.
2020 - Dufour 500 Grand Large “Shaula” Captain
“Shaula” will works on charter until November 2020 in the San Blas Islands of Panama and from December 2020 until July 2021 in the Caribbean, BVI, Anguilla, St Barth, etc. based in St Maarten.

Emma Crouch
- Passion for cooking
- High level of customer service
- English and Basic French

Additional information soon to come.

Starting at
$12,000 USD / week
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