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Yacht Specs

2007 Oyster Marine

81 11 / 25 m
20 8 / 6.3 m
9 7 / 2.9 m
Engines & Generators
• Consumes 0 gal / 0 l / hour
RIB • 60


Photo of David Risch
David Risch
Photo of Justin
Captain David Risch
David is an energetic host that will greet you with a smile and leave you with lasting memories of your trip aboard Raven Claw. David is from Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts and spent his childhood cruising the coastal waters of New England with his father and quickly culminated a fond love for the sea. From sailing dinghies to night watches offshore in a nor’easter, he will always have a smile on his face and a calm attitude.

With not only has 17 years of sailing experience under his belt, he also has four years working in the service industry from barista, bartender, and sous chef. From a French café in Manhattan to a Yacht Club in a small town, David can adapt to any audience or environment. David has progressed quickly in the past seven years working as a sailing professional, gaining his RYA Yachtmasters 200 ton at the age of 21 and taking his first role as captain not long after. His love for adventure will make your experience on board as exciting and memorable as it will be comfortable

Alicia Fisher
Alicia has an extensive background in yachting combined with many years in the hospitality industry to create an exceptional sailing season providing great-tasting cuisine and an exciting, warm atmosphere for owners, guests, and crew alike. She enjoys cooking with Mediterranean/Asian flavors but is capable of various global cuisines and adapting to specific dietary requests.

Lindsay Conway
Lindsay is an enthusiastic stewardess from coastal Massachusetts. She has worked in a variety of positions across the service industry such as an experience host at a boutique spa, a customer associate for a local oyster company, and a constituent care intern for her state senator. With an undergraduate degree in International Relations and Anthropology, Lindsay is passionate about exploring the world and meeting new people.
Starting at
$30,000 USD / week
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